AnK Update (again)

2009-01-01 09:07:20 by moptophaha

From now on, I will be making my updates over at a site I made just for Ank.
You can find it here.
I might put up an update or two here, if it's a major one, but for the most part, the wiki is where you'll want to do. (Not that I actually believe anyone gives a shit about AnK...yet. XD

Either way, this update is to let you know that I have started working on AnK again, hopefully more permanently this time.
I should be able to get the plan done in a few weeks, and after that, the script, editing, and all that will need to be done is the long, long, long insertion of everything into one .fla file. ^_^

Until then~

AnK Update

2008-08-22 09:29:53 by moptophaha

Well, I've been doing a little more work on it, and I've decided that using only event CG's will make the entire project fail.
So, I've decided to use a complete set of images from a game, and the only one that I could think of that had pretty much exactly what I wanted, while still being unpopular enough not to make this a OMG YOU USED THE FATE/STAY NIGHT CG'S YOU DOUCHE! game was Tsukihime.
It's popular, I know, but when compared to the likes of Kanon and Fate/Stay Night, I think it has an acceptably low profile. :)
Also, there's a good chance that no-one who plays this game has even played a real visual novel before, anyway, if I even finish it at all. :)

So, in the past few hours, I learned how to rip images out of game archives using a nifty program called Susie. I still need to do a bunch of editing (in fact, I need to edit upwards of 100 images =/), but I think it will turn out well. The best part is that the characters' facial expressions will change throughout conversations based on their emotions, which should add a nice element of professionalism to this project.

The one problem I might have is the fact that I based this game around a story, but I might have some difficulty in finding event CG's to fit the situations that I had planned out.
We'll see...

Anyway, just letting you (the one, lonely person who reads these) know, the images for this game are going to be awesome, but the event cgs might be lacking a little.


AnK Update

AnK Update

2008-08-21 09:05:53 by moptophaha

Haha. Reading over that last post just now made me really want to amend a few things. I mentioned quite a bit of this in the School Days comments, but I feel that it's probably worth putting in here too.

Firstly, School Days is a waste of space. Reading it now makes me actually cringe. Reading the script I've done for AnK at the moment is also pretty painful. It's a lot better, but still horribly crap.
Why have I realised this only now, after coming back to the project after months of neglect?
Well, I played some ACTUAL bishoujo, such as Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, True Remembrance, Kana Little Sister and One ~To the Radiant Season~. I realised what they SHOULD be like, and now I feel embarrassed over what I've done. (Well...more embarrassed than I already was :P)

So, I intend on completely revisiting the project. The Flash engine is already done, since I'll be using the one I currently have, but I'm going to start completely rewriting the script, and looking for new images to use. It could take me a very, very long time, but check back here once in a blue moon (If you even read this, which I doubt anyone will), and you might see an update, or even the actual game. XD

Ai no Kenkyuu

2008-01-02 20:06:55 by moptophaha

Well...anyone who follows what I've been doing closely (Which I am 99.99% certain no-one does), they will know that a while ago I made a really bad game called "School Days". It was essentially a graphic-novel, but it was riddled with errors, bugs, and an overall lack of professionalism. Anyone who has read the comments I added would know that quite some time ago I promised to make a better game, of a similar genre. I promised to improve on everything that I had not payed attention to in School Days, and make a great game.

Well, that time has come. I have begun constructing a new game. It is called "Ai no Kenkyuu", which means "Love Study" in Japanese. I gave it a Japanese name because it has been inspired by the Japanese bishoujou and erogames on the net.

If anyone reading this is curious as to how long it will take to complete, or how far into it I am, I have done about 40% as of writing this, and I expect to be done in a couple of months.

If anyone reads this, then look out for it! It's going to be great. :)

Ai no Kenkyuu