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Ai no Kenkyuu

2008-01-02 20:06:55 by moptophaha

Well...anyone who follows what I've been doing closely (Which I am 99.99% certain no-one does), they will know that a while ago I made a really bad game called "School Days". It was essentially a graphic-novel, but it was riddled with errors, bugs, and an overall lack of professionalism. Anyone who has read the comments I added would know that quite some time ago I promised to make a better game, of a similar genre. I promised to improve on everything that I had not payed attention to in School Days, and make a great game.

Well, that time has come. I have begun constructing a new game. It is called "Ai no Kenkyuu", which means "Love Study" in Japanese. I gave it a Japanese name because it has been inspired by the Japanese bishoujou and erogames on the net.

If anyone reading this is curious as to how long it will take to complete, or how far into it I am, I have done about 40% as of writing this, and I expect to be done in a couple of months.

If anyone reads this, then look out for it! It's going to be great. :)

Ai no Kenkyuu


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2008-01-06 14:40:31

wooot!!!!111! i support you lol


2008-01-10 16:47:59

Well, i'll have to wait (some more) and see.


2008-01-20 03:33:44

Whoa I'm one of the 00.01% , hah hah hah

I'm looking forward to it then .

and I'd like to 'suggest' something to you.
NOTE : I'm not a native English-user, my English might be a bit confusing , sorry.

From that screenshot

there's a lot ( maybe too much ) of RPG-like and clicking-right-answer games
created a different style of gameplay would be VERY NICE ,
this is the hardest part of making GOOD game.

the storyline too , make it "cutting-edge" , what people can't expect is a good way to boost game popularity .
If you've played "School Days" (not yours) H-game or wathced it's anime
you'll know why , normally H-game usually have good endings and not-so-bad ending , but this one ...... watch it on Youtube , it's sooo cutting edge.
but for game's long-livity , better focus on gameplay .

Blah Blah Blah ,
contact me if you need more.

and remember this
"Every pro have BEEN newbs before"


2008-02-18 13:09:48

awsome i cant wait but how dop you get the stuff to make hentai games i want to know i can draw it on or off the compture its just the coming alive that i s getting me down :(


2008-03-15 06:05:08

cool. Ive actually been waitin for this. Cant wait ^^


2008-05-12 06:08:37

lolz, im also one of the 00.01%
better increase your percentage now
many of us support your games :)

well if your need help, you can PM me anytime