AnK Update

2008-08-21 09:05:53 by moptophaha

Haha. Reading over that last post just now made me really want to amend a few things. I mentioned quite a bit of this in the School Days comments, but I feel that it's probably worth putting in here too.

Firstly, School Days is a waste of space. Reading it now makes me actually cringe. Reading the script I've done for AnK at the moment is also pretty painful. It's a lot better, but still horribly crap.
Why have I realised this only now, after coming back to the project after months of neglect?
Well, I played some ACTUAL bishoujo, such as Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, True Remembrance, Kana Little Sister and One ~To the Radiant Season~. I realised what they SHOULD be like, and now I feel embarrassed over what I've done. (Well...more embarrassed than I already was :P)

So, I intend on completely revisiting the project. The Flash engine is already done, since I'll be using the one I currently have, but I'm going to start completely rewriting the script, and looking for new images to use. It could take me a very, very long time, but check back here once in a blue moon (If you even read this, which I doubt anyone will), and you might see an update, or even the actual game. XD


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